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These questions arise from ‘s blog (link). i’d much like to discuss them over the next few days/weeks as they are vital to further discussions dealing with . For now, i will just leave the questions without any commentary/response from me:

#1: Does “emerging” refer to the postmodern culture in all its varieties, or to the church hat accompanies that shift in culture, or to the ideas that are part of that culture, or to the gospel that responds to that culture, or to the gospel taking shape in a new way in a new cultural paradigm? The answer to this question matters immensely. And I’m not sure DA Carson, or even some of the Emergent folk, are all pointing at the same “thing” when they speak of “emerging”.
#2: Is the “emerging” movement fundamental a church of protest? And, if so, is the primary target of the protest evangelicalism? What are its targets?
#3: Is the postmodernist epistemology of the Emerging folks (and one should not simply equate postmodernists and the Emergent folks) essentially affectional over against rational? inclusive vs. exclusivist? authentic vs. the absolute? is social history more significant that the history of ideas?
#4: Is “emergent” or “integral” thinking superior to traditional absolutist rational thinking?
#5: Has the Emergent movement understood culture accurately? Does it appeal to Scripture accurately?

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